Larynx Surgical Therapy

Phonosurgical operations are routine interventions at our institution. With more than 1.000 laryngological and phonosurgical interventions per year our references are based on a vast fundus of cases and experience.

Diagnostic competence, clinical expertise and surgical skills based on the knowledge and input from our international professional network guarantee highest quality for our patients. Since the beginning of our phonosurgical activity, we have placed great emphasis on performing vocal cord procedures in local anesthesia. Many procedures and vocal cord surgery do not need to be performed under general anesthesia. With state-of-the-art video endoscopy, surgery can be performed on the chair without pain (e.g., sampling, injection). Whether removal of tissue, modeling of the vocal folds with implants, laser surgery or injections with drugs – all interventions that are possible today are offered and also performed.

Being operated on in the DEUTSCHE STIMMKLINIK means being at home in the evening. All operations are performed office-based, sometimes under general anesthesia, but usually under local anesthesia.

Operative Verfahren

Laryngeal surgery can be performed in four different approaches:

1. Phonomicrosurgery in general anesthesia | 2. Laryngeal framework surgery | 3. office-based surgery under topical anesthesia | 4. percutaneous procedures in the office
1. Phonomicrosurgery (general anesthesia)
2. Laryngeal framework surgery (sedation / general anesthesia)
3. Office-Based Surgery (topical spray anesthesia)
4. Percutaneous injections
1. Phonomicrosurgery (general anesthesia)

In general anesthesia we can perform high precision phonomicrosurgery under 25x stereoscopic microlaryngoscopic magnification. Finest lesions of the vocal folds can be treated this way. According to our expertise and fine mechanical recommendations, many phonomicrosurgical instruments were refined from medical companies.

Accordingly, high precision in feminization laryngoplasty benefits from these surgical skills.

2. Laryngeal framework surgery (sedation / general anesthesia)

We can precisely adjust vocal folds with reconstructive surgical techniques. Mostly, medialization thyroplasty is carried out. Based on preoperative 3D computer aided designing we can adjust the paralyzed vocal fold by the millimeter with an individually carved silicone block.

Other surgeries can also be performed highly individualized, according to the individual requirements.

3. Office-Based Surgery (topical spray anesthesia)

Since many years we are focussing at alternative interventions such as office-based procedures. We perform them pain-free in topical spray anesthesia. Biopsies, excisions, injections, augmentations and laser procedures can be offered with an unsedated technique.

4. Percutaneous injections

Longlasting experience in anatomy and (patho)physiology of the larynx allow for percutaneous injections and augmentations into the laryngeal tissue. With these interventions highest precision is required. Trained manual skills and high levels of knowledge are indispensable. Mostly, percutaneous augmentations and botulinumtoxin injections are carried out.

Because we perform many operations, we share our knowledge and run many hands-on workshops.